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The popularity of Salley Vickers' novels with reading groups continues to rise so we have prepared a special page where groups can find sample questions around which to centre their discussions, if they wish. Several commentators have observed that the success of the novels in part depends on their mulitlayering, the way that, while there is always a good story and engrossing characters, there are also deeper ideas and images which resonate through the books, often with philosophical, psychological or 'other worldly' themes. Some subjects run through all of three of Salley Vickers' books: one important theme is the 'bead-curtain of death and life' as one commentator puts it, the fine line - sometimes no line - between the two; another is the need for compassion and forgiveness, especially towards the self. And yet in all the books there is also a strong clear-eyed understanding of evil, or the human propensity to deceive or destroy, just as there is a tragi-comic note discernible throughout.

We are also introducing a Readers Group letter section, where groups can raise subjects for discussion, or issues which their group would like other group's opinions on. Do feel free to enter you own groups' thoughts. The Readers Groups letter pages will be self-monitoring. Please advise the site if you feel there are letters posted there which are not appropriate or intended for discussion.

Mr Golightly's Holiday is The Observer Book Group new book for September 2003. Join the discussion.

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