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Latest comments:

I've just read Miss Garnet's Angel and have nothing but praise for it. It was a delightful magical book. I wish you all success in your future
Best Wishes, Dorothy Horsfield

Dear Ms Vickers,
Last night my bookclub had a really good discussion about Miss Garnet's angels.
The format is probably common to most book clubs. One person opens the discussion with a short intro on the author and then we jump into the book.
Our group has been going for more than 20 years and admit to always wanting to know some of the background of the author.
We are intrigued that there is so little info on you despite a number of us searching. Would it be possible to reveal a few personal details.
Very best wishes from a definite fan who was delighted to discover your work,
Jan David.

Dear Salley Vickers,
I recently read Miss Garnet's Angel and just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. There is only a handful of titles on my "Books to Read Again (and Again)" list and Miss Garnet is near the top.
I particularly liked the way the angels maintain a sense of mystery despite their immediate presence.
Congratulations on a wonderful work.
Best wishes, Chris Sion

Dear Salley,
Just finished your novel and found most interesting with two stories interwined. Went and researched the Apocrypha and book of the Tobit as you know removed from most bibles. Wondered why Carlo disappeared at end of novel from having a more major significance. Seemed like some of the characters just vanished. Guess their presence was to be bit fleeting. Have known several Julia's and loved her character. Will be interesting to know what rest of my book club thinks? We are all searching for the divine these uncertain days and presence of a personal angel not beyond the realm of belief.
Enjoyed your book.
Linda Nemeth in Calgary, Canada.

Dear Ms Vickers
Just read 'Miss Garnet's Angel'. I loved it. I noticed in the afterword
that you say that the Authorised version if the Bible (1611) did not have the Apochrypha. According to Wilfred Cantwell Smith ('What is Scripture',SCM Press, 1993), this isn't true, and that it was only in the 19th century that this Bible began to be published without the Apocrypha.
helpfully, Tom Hurcombe

Salley Vickers writes: Thank you for your comment. In fact, what I meant to imply was that the books which make up the present 'Apocrypha' were not included in the main Bible text - but I probably put this unclearly.

Dear Salley Vickers,
My wife suggested I read your 'Miss Garnet's Angel' after our visit to Venice, which I thoroughly enjoyed. However, as man, I enjoyed the 'Instances of 3' even more as it was so refreshing to read a woman writer so unprejudiced in her undersatdning of men. I hope this doesn't sound too patronising. Forgive a mere man!
Yours in admiration,Jon Combe

Salley Vickers writes: a number of male readers have written in similar vein. Of course I am delighted to please both sexes - I don't think I write specialy for either men or women, people are people, but perhaps some novels have more of female and some more of male psychology in them.

Dear Salley Vickers,
God I love this book, and it feels so much like my own discovery
Thank you. Sue.

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