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Cleaner of Chartres


"I cannot think of another contemporary British novelist who has the courage to tackle that issue head on: Christianity has become the love that dare not speak its name in some literary circles, whereas this book is drenched in it. It is even a story about redemption, no less."
Sunday Express - read more

'I had forgotten that in the town of Chartres, close to the cathedral, there is a dolls' hospital. In her new novel, ex-psychoanalyst Salley Vickers vividly evokes this strange conjunction – the sublime grandeur of one of the most beautiful religious buildings in the world and the poignant smallness, the peculiar shabbiness, of once loved, now broken, toys.'
Ruth Scurr, The Observer - read more

"How pleasant to have a spot of vanquishing at this time of year. The ambiguities of the modern novel are all very well in the brighter months, but as the evenings draw in it is somehow comforting to take sanctuary in a place where the wicked will be suitably slain and enemies psalmically scattered. Salley Vicker's new novel, set in Chartres Cathedral, provides both such a place and a generous helping of scattering."
Catherine Nixey, The Times - read more

'The fairy-tale elements of Vicker's novel are delicately layered into a contemporary moral and psychological drama every bit as absorbing as her Miss Garne'ts Angel.'
The Sunday Times - read more (pay wall)

"Vickers uses her considerable talent for psychoanalysis in peeling back the layers of Agnes’ tragic history and her belief in the redemptive power of man’s innate spirituality is uplifting. 

Combining grace with gravity and wisdom with wit, this latest novel by Salley Vickers simply radiates soul."
Victoria Cooper,
- read more

'Vickers' first novel, Miss Garnett's Angel, a phenomenal word of mouth hit written 12 years ago, along with follow-ups including Mr Golightly's Holiday and Dancing Backwards, have cemented her reputation as one of our favourite authors, with "a presence worth cherishing" as Phillip Pullman puts it.

Certainly, this latest novel, with its elegant story-telling, warm characters and rich inner world, will only enhance that presence. '
Scotland on Sundays

"lf you're looking for a book to take you by surprise, Salley Vickers' latest is the perfect choice."
Psychologies Magazine - read more


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